New Mexico Appleseed is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of the poor and underserved through systemic change. We work on homelessness, hunger, child abuse and economic development to try and lift New Mexicans and their communities out of poverty. New Mexico Appleseed’s results are high-impact and lasting. New Mexico Appleseed is unique in that it uses legal and economic research, best practices, and collaboration with stakeholders to create systemic change on behalf of the poor.

In the past five years, we have found that New Mexico Appleseed’s work is critical to making positive change in our state. We use the law, evidence-based best practices, and solid economic analysis to craft policies that will make real change towards ending poverty in New Mexico. Everyone who participated in the amazing event helped to facilitate this positive change in New Mexico.

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Board of Directors

Catherine Allen, Chair, The Santa Fe Group

Ruth Schifani, Treasurer, Modrall Sperling

Robin Dozier Otten, Vice Chair, CEO, RDO Strategic Consultants, LLC

Debbie Johnson, Central New Mexico Community College

Larry Lujan, Managing Partner, Canyon Club

Dr. Conchita Paz, Physician, Las Cruces

Ann Rhoades, People Ink

John Ulrich, President, Ulrich Consulting Group LLC

Jennifer Ramo, New Mexico Appleseed

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